How To Buy The Right Medical Scrubs

While it’s true that scrubs somewhat resemble pajamas, they’re actually a necessity for individuals who work in medical facilities. From a professional perspective, no other outfit can stand up to the demands of a typical hospital workday as well as scrubs do. Not to mention that they’re also designed to be cleaned without requiring special treatments. This means you’ll want to know how to choose the best scrubs if you’ve just started working at a medical facility.

Get the Right Color

While most clinical facilities use scrub hierarchy to differentiate between patient care personnel, not all of them use the same color codes. So keep your employer’s code in mind when shopping for scrubs. If you work in a pediatrician’s clinic, there’s no harm in choosing stylish or patterned scrubs as long as your employer will be fine with your decision.

Style Matters

Unless your employer is strictly against the idea, it never hurts to be stylish when buying scrubs. After all, patients will judge you based on your looks, so why not choose something that will inspire confidence in their eyes? Besides, having a stylish outfit means you won’t dread wearing them on a regular basis.

So go ahead and invest in several sets that have stylish designs. You’ll come across scrubs with collars, V-necks, ties on the back/sides, embroidery, piping, and other features that might make a difference to how you feel and look. As far as style goes, choosing the right medical scrubs is all about making sure the design fits comfortably.

Embroidered or Plain?

Whether you should choose a monogram or logo-and-name embroidery will depend on the rules of the facility you work in. While these won’t be necessary if you’re required to use a nameplate pin, they’re crucial in helping other people identify you easily at the workplace. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to leave out the logo if it isn’t specified by the rules.

Buy Scrubs With Pockets

From pens and notepads to stethoscopes, there’s a handful of items that you’ll constantly be carrying around when working at a medical facility. Depending on what you need to have for the job, choose scrubs with large, easily-accessible pockets, of course having considered your preferred placement. It would also be prudent to choose tops with multiple pockets and cargo-style pants if you’re going to be carrying lots of items.

Still, it’s worth pointing out that some designers opt to omit pockets for women to avoid interfering with one’s body shape. If this proves to be a challenge, consider going for unisex scrubs as your alternative. Just keep in mind that you might need to compromise style for functionality.

Dress for Comfort

Whether you work long shifts on a regular basis or just like to put in overtime, make sure to choose something that you’ll feel comfortable wearing for extended periods. This means looking for scrubs that allow enough room to move around, but without making you appear like you’re drowning in them. When shopping, don’t rely on measurements alone — you’re better off spending more time trying on as many scrubs as you can to ensure you get the right size. While you’re at it, remember to do some bending and stretching inside the fitting room to see how tight the stitches are.

It’s also worth pointing out that fabric also matters when it comes to getting a comfortable fit. If your routine involves a bit of stretching and bending, look for scrubs made from a polyester/spandex or cotton/spandex blend. Still, make sure that the fabric is soft enough to feel comfortable against your skin and absorb sweat as well. You’ll also want to choose scrubs that have side slits or vents for more comfort.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

No matter how many sets you’re buying, it’s very important that you prioritize quality over quantity when choosing the right medical scrubs. Start by reading the label to check for fade resistance, but also remember to confirm this with the dealer as well. Speaking of which, always resist the urge to buy more than 1 or 2 sets from the same store. Even if the retailer claims they’re fade resistant, this won’t guarantee that your scrubs won’t fade after a few washes. Your best bet would be to start with a single set, wash it several times to see how it handles, then go for more once you’ve confirmed the retailer’s claims.

Editors note – we recommend these men’s scrubs!

Being in your profession means you’ll have to make difficult decisions from time to time, but choosing what scrubs to wear doesn’t have to be one of them. As a rule of thumb, always choose outfits that fit you comfortably, are made from durable materials, and will conform to the rules of your organization. As long as these 3 conditions are met, you can rest knowing that you’ve chosen long-lasting, functional scrubs.

hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Focus

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

HBOT (Hyperbaric oxygen therapy) involves using oxygen for medical purposes in high pressure environments that exceed one ATA (Atmosphere Absolute). Higher pressure enables oxygen to break up and absorb into blood plasma (separate from red blood cells/hemoglobin). This results in a wide range of desirable cellular, biochemical and physiological outcomes. This noninvasive treatment is a reliable way of boosting levels of oxygen to all the body’s organs. Normal treatment times are up to ninety minutes, and patients just have to breathe naturally while lying down.

Typically, the air we inhale consists of seventy-eight percent nitrogen, twenty-one percent oxygen, and one percent carbon dioxide and noble gases. These gases have concentrations that are governed by atmospheric pressure, which in turn is governed the weather. At altitude, the concentrations are reduced. Regrettably, conventional medical practices ignore these pressure variations. Pressure in the atmosphere is assigned the unit one, to represent absolute atmospheric pressure (one ATA). ATA units are divided, based on atmospheric gas percentages to provide ‘partial pressures’, which make up the whole pressure that all gases are accountable for. Nitrogen, therefore, is 0.78 ATA (seventy-eight percent of one), and oxygen is 0.21 ATA (twenty-one percent of one).

Hyperbaric chambers are required to enable pressure round the patient’s body to be raised. This technology is widely used — actually, all commercial aeroplanes are essentially hyperbaric chambers, complete with oxygen units for breathing. A qualified professional will be present to activate the barochamber. Sometimes, this person will accompany patients into the chamber.

The History of HBOT

The HBOT treatment has its’ origins in the seventeenth century. The first official chamber was constructed in 1662, and run by a British priest called Henshaw. He built a chamber known as the Domicilium, which was utilized to remedy a range of ailments. French physiologist, Paul Bert, discovered the connection between bubbles of nitrogen and decompression sickness in 1878. Bert subsequently found that recompression was an effective way of easing pain. In 1879, French surgeon Fontaine carried on treating patients in pressurized environments, by building a mobile pressurized operating theater. Fontaine discovered that, in pressurized conditions, breathing nitrous oxide in had a more potent effect, and that his patients experienced enhanced oxygenation levels.

During the early twentieth century, anesthesia professor Orville Cunningham found that patients with certain heart conditions benefited if they lived nearer to sea level, compared to those who lived at higher altitudes. Cunningham treated an influenza sufferer, who was close to death because of lung restriction. His success with this resulted in him developing what became known as ‘Steel Ball Hospital’ — situated on the Lake Erie shores. This building, constructed in 1928, was sixty-four foot in diameter and had six stories. It was capable of reaching three ATA. Regrettably, because of the economy’s poor financial status, the hospital was demolished for scrap in 1942.

After this, hyperbaric chambers were used by the army during the forties, to help divers who were suffering from decompression illnesses. In the fifties, doctors used HBOT for the first time for lung and heart surgery, which resulted in it being subsequently used for CO poisoning in the sixties. Ever since, thousands of case studies and clinical tests have been carried out for many other health related uses, and most of these have been extremely successful.

How HBOT can Help to Recover Tissue

Oxygen is absorbed into the blood, then transported (along with haemoglobin inside red blood cells) across the body. Next, the absorbed oxygen enters the tissues. Inhaling high oxygen levels in hyperbaric environments leads to an increased oxygen uptake by bodily fluids. This means that more oxygen can get to areas where circulation is obstructed or reduced, thereby facilitating recovery. The additional oxygen has other advantages, because it makes it easier for bacteria to be destroyed by white blood cells. Also, it lowers swelling and enables fresh blood vessels to develop more quickly in the afflicted areas.

Oxygen deprivation (or tissue hypoxia) has lots of negative effects from disrupting normal cell activity, such as fainting and the disabling of white blood cells during infection. Oxygen administration is the only way of ‘treating’ hypoxia. The goal with this treatment is to introduce values of tissue oxygen suitable for the start of normal healing.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment? – Final Thoughts

Numerous scientific studies have shown HBOT to be effective at improving the body’s ability to regenerate and repair. In addition, this treatment is used as supplemental therapy, to enhance and complement the process of healing in acute and chronic conditions.

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