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Weight Loss

Learning How To Lose Weight In A Week

If you have an upcoming engagement in which you need to fit into a smaller article of clothing, you might be wondering how you can drop a few pounds in just a week in order to trim down and look slimmer for your event. While it may not seem plausible to be able to lose any significant amount of weight, if you stick to a diet that suits your needs, you will see weight loss of upwards of five pounds.

The secret to dropping weight so quickly is cutting out unnecessary calories. The FOod and Drug Administration recommends the daily caloric intake of any adult to be around 2,000 calories. In reality, Americans consume many more calories than that per day. Counting calories and watching what you eat will cut out the fat very quickly. So what are some things you can do to start cutting the calories?

First of all, if you drink several sodas a day, you should cut this out entirely. Sodas have a ton of calories and sugar which metabolizes into fat once it is inside the body, not to mention its extremely bad for your teeth. If you drink two sodas a day, you could be cutting out nearly 300 calories a day just by drinking something else.

Aside from sodas, you should avoid heavy confections and sweets as well. Fried foods are also a no-no, instead, having something that is baked, or sauted. If your favorite food is fried chicken, why not try baked chicken instead? The flavor may not be the same, but going with these healthier alternatives while you are trying to lose weight will go a long way in getting yourself through those extra pounds.

As always, you should have an exercise regimen that you follow at least three times a week for 15 minutes, preferably focusing on cardio, rather than weight loss.

Weight Loss

A Guide To Losing Weight Fast The Healthy Way

When it comes to the subject of weight loss, a lot of people are willing to stop at nothing just to get the results they want to see, often endangering their lives in the process. You need to know that there are ways by which you can get the body you have always wanted sans the unnecessary risks.

Here are 3 of the most fool proof ways on losing weight fast:

Low Fat Diet

healthy food

To most, this is torture because if means no eating fast food for at least 2-6 months in order to establish the fat deficit in the body. Keep in mind that for you to lose mass, your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes. In order to pull off this type of diet, you have to completely withdraw from ready-to-consume food products and start cooking you own meals according to the specifications of the diet program.

Daily Cardio Exercises

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Here is the fact you should keep in mind, the more effort you exert, the more calories you burn. Therefore, exercise is a must if you want to lose weight faster. Dieting alone will not help at all especially if you stumble every now and then with a day of binging. 20-30 minutes of cardio each day is the best for beginners.

Increased Intake of Water


In order for you to control your urges to eat, you should always have a bottle of water within reach. This way, when you feel false hunger pangs (which are common for people who have just started on a low fat diet), you can drink and get the feeling of fullness.

Drinking at least 15 glasses of liquids (water or natural juices) everyday is also necessary especially when you get started on the cardio program since you will feel dehydrated most of the time.